The Russian Premier League is the most progressive championship in recent years. After a great World Cup 2018, the level of local football has increased significantly. This applies to infrastructure, youth interest and involvement, the influx of foreign players. You can find out the latest live soccer results of the Premier League on 777score site.

Compared to other European leagues, 5 rounds have already been played in the Russian Championship. Teams demonstrated various results at the beginning of the season, many clubs have confirmed their status, taking leading places. Zenit with 13 points in the asset holds the first position. “Rostov” and “CSKA” are neighbors of the “Petersburgers” in the standings.

“Krasnodar” and “Spartak” are a little worse. These teams often lose points in the first rounds of the season, as they play matches of the Europa League qualification in parallel. Significant progress is noticeable during matches of “Ruby” that sets the task to break into the European competition.

Last season, “Arsenal” surprised everybody as it managed to enter the qualification of the Europa League for the first time. This year, the “Gunners” wants to become the dark horse of the championship again. The worst things are for the teams that are in the relegation zone. These are the following clubs:

  1. “Ufa”;
  2. “Wings of the Soviets”;
  3. “Sochi”;
  4. “Orenburg”.

If the listed teams won’t be able to improve the quality of their game, then they will be downgraded. As the competition of the RPL is quite tough, the championship draws more and more fans’ attention. If you want to monitor live soccer and be aware of the latest results, a well-developed 777score application will help you.

Unpredictable Iran u23 league

Many soccer championships create youth tournaments. For such matches, every club of the Major League forms special teams that consist of players of certain age. The Iran u23 league is an excellent example of such championships. Youth teams of Iranian Premier League clubs take part in the tournament.

A peculiarity of the championship is its unpredictability since absolutely every team can take the first place. There are no obvious favorites or outsiders. Each season, teams’ line-up is changed as many players simply do not fit age restrictions. Only football players under 23 years old can take part in the League. Such a tournament allows major teams to try young players, develop their skills, provide constant practice.

Besides, the Iran football u23 league, there are other catching youth tournaments, where you can watch the future stars of the world football.