Between January 2017 and June 2018, Local Police in San Javier issued 126 traffic fines, at the old San Javier airport, amounting to 7,035 euros. But they did so after the ordinance authorising them to raise the penalty notices had expired.

Now, the City Council’s legal services are looking into how they can return the fines to the drivers.

The agreement that authorised the police to denounce drivers who had ‘illegally parked’ at the Aena facility ended in 2017 and as the Council failed to  notify the Local Police they simply continued issuing the fines, said to number 130 drivers between 2017 and the first half of 2018,

The original agreement, required Aena “to collaborate with the City of San Javier and its Local Police in providing support to the agents, through its surveillance and security cameras dotted around the airport itself,” and it was from the evidence garnered by this footage that most of the sanctions were issued.

A spokesman for the mayor’s office said that “from a legal point of view, we are studying how we can return the fines that were imposed during that period of time”.