A Romanian teenager ended up being luckier than he ever thought he would be early in January this year, as he ended up winning two hundred thousand Euros from a scratch-off lottery ticket in Spain. A lucky turn for the boy that he has no idea what to do with and that has delighted his father as much as it has delighted him.
A New Year’s miracle?
As originally informed by Jakob Henrikssen from www.Norskecasino.casino, the boy and the father had tried to play the major Christmas lottery in Spain and had simply won a refund from that.
Instead of getting the small time return on their ticket, they instead opted to exchange that for the Sorteo del Niño lottery ticket. They had not expected much, as many do from their lottery ticket. Still, they decided to go with a number that was closest to the birthday of the boy’s mother.
The ticket was given out directly to the boy. This is not a legal action, as the Spanish lottery prohibits minors from playing, but an exception was made by the representative that time around.
After the boy scratched off the ticket, he found that he was holding the 37142 winning ticket, earning him 200 000 Euro in a single instant. The boy and the father had been dumbfounded the instant they realized what they were holding in their hands. The boy could not stop smiling while the father could barely contain himself.
The father had moved about ten years ago from Romania to Spain for work. He had managed to bring the rest of his family with him over time so that they were all able to stay together, even if not in the most comfortable of situations. Still, after so many years spent together a nice lottery win like this is more than welcome to the funds of the family.
The boy said that he was not sure what he was going to do with the winnings. What he knows for sure is that he wants a new phone, which is a typical teenage desire. He also said that he would like to buy something for his parents, maybe a small apartment. Follow this link to read more on it.
Will he get the winnings?
Despite this, it seems that there might be some trouble with the funds. The Spanish law prohibits minors from participating in the lottery. This means that the teen is not eligible to receive the payout from the winning ticket and an adult will have to receive the money.
Whether this means that the winnings will simply be denied to the teenager, or a legal guardian can accept the money, is up to the lottery authority. It seems that the father will be the one attempting to receive the payout. Hopefully, the legal problems will not result in the winnings being unavailable to the Romanian family.
The ticket the boy and his father had gott is part of the second most important lottery in the country. The most important is the El Gordo Spanish Christmas lottery, offering a much larger prize pool.