Sensational Comedy;  Escape From Butlitz

Sensational Comedy;  Escape From Butlitz

The Smile Charity Group has one remaining date for their latest show, Escape from Butlitz which is one of the funniest plays staged this year. This Supper Theatre evening will be staged at El Paraiso de Guardamar on Friday 23rd November, the evening consisting of a one course meal and an evening of rib cracking entertainment.

Escape from Butlitz takes you back to the start of the mass market in organised holidays, before the big tour operators started offering trips to the Costas, when enjoying your fortnight at a Holiday Camp was seen as a real luxury! However the Butlitz holiday camp is anything other than luxury, being a closer to Colditz than Butlins.

However there are all the things we remember from the holiday camp era, from silly competitions, mass catering, poor accommodation and grumbles and complaints. However, all these memories are served up by the Smile Group in an hilarious comedy that has the audience rolling around laughing.

The cast all look like they are enjoying every minute of the performance, and deliver a slick, fast moving piece of musical comedy theatre. This production has some great musical numbers, some really funny and memorable characters and a very funny story line penned by the late John Wallace whose imagination and writing skills were second to non.


Comments from the two packed performances at the Club Quesada on 14th and 16th November include really hilarious; so funny, the twist in the plot is so original; great performances by everyone; inspired writing; great choice of music; really unmissable!

The consensus from both nights was that the play and the acting was a night of great British comedy full of double innuendos and sauciness that left people feeling good when they left the venue. Everyone commented on the hilarious performances of Your Sex is on Fire and If I Were Not Upon The Stage, which were real highlights.

Tickets are still available for El Paraiso de Guardamar on Friday 23rd November. Tickets are available from the venue, The Post Room Benijofer; the Oasis Bar, Benijofer; or call 665 22 29 74 to reserve your tickets. Don’t miss a night of great entertainment that will have you going home with a big grin on your face.