Passing Microsoft MCSA should not be as hard as you think. With a proper preparation and execution of your plan, you should find it easy to succeed in this certificationtest.

The Microsoft MCSA exam was created by Microsoft, so that you can certify your skills in managing Office 365 identities and requirements. The exam questions come from various sections, all of which need proper preparations from the students to excel. Your efforts in learning determine whether you will pass or fail.

10tips you can follow to prepare for Microsoft MCSA exam

Tip 1: Have a grasp of the exam content

PrepAway Exam content is updated from time to time.Study relevant materialsand be always aware of changes with regards to what is likely to be tested in the exam. If you prepare for the test using resources made 4 years ago, you will obtain knowledge about an outdated technology. You should focus on what is current and useful for the future. Some exam questions tend to project onto a future technology. Therefore, look at any future trendsduring your studying.

Tip 2: Be comfortable with PowerShell

Who can ignore the power of PowerShell when it comes to Microsoft MCSA? This is a hot area that the examiners like while testing their candidates for the certification exam. You should ensure that you have a proper understanding of how to connect to Azure AD, the steps involved in connecting to Office 365 through PowerShell, the requirements of a good password policy, anddifferent incidences, such as resetting any user’s cloud passwordand changing a UPN. You must get to know how commands differ and what each one is meant to do.

Tip 3: Adding and configuring custom domains

Be sure that you have a proper understanding of how to specify domain name and domain purpose, update and perform verification of domain settings, transfer the ownership of domain name service to Office 365, and also confirm the ownership of domain. Furthermore, you need to be good at planning a pilot.

This entails the identification of workloads, which do not need migration, running IdFix, creating a test plan, performing connectivity checks, and also setting up email accounts. How good are you at configuring tenant region, tenant name, and initial global administrator? You need to have a grasp of these topics if you intend to excel in the Microsoft MCSA certification exam

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Tip 4: Manage cloud identities

Do you have enough skills to configure password management, security groups and managing user,and operate cloud identities using Windows PowerShell? You will need to understand these fields to have an upper hand in passing the exam.

The management of cloud identities collectively captured various components, such as password complexity, setting expiration policy, Admin center password resets, using Admin center to perform soft delete, configuring multi-factor authentication, and performing bulk CSV import. In addition, you should also know how to configure passwords to never expire, update simultaneously all user profiles, delete users, and manage bulk user license.

Tip 5: Networking and security

As an IT professional, you are expected to have an understanding of the crucial roles played by security in any IT product. Office 365 is not an exception. If you get ready for the Microsoft MCSA exam, then you should put a considerable amount of your energy on planning and implementing networking and security in O365.

Doing so will entail various items: enabling the connectivity to Office 365, configuring DNS records for services, administering Azure RMS, and managing administrator roles.It is important to notice that SharePoint Online, Skype for Business Online, and Exchange Online are significant facilitators of networking in the organization. As the networking facilities are set, you should understand how they are secured.

Tip 6: Using Azure AD Connect

If you have no knowledge on Azure AD Connect, you have very minimal chances of passing this exam. There is a requirement that you must have a grasp of setting up the Azure AD Connect tool, using Azure AD Connect to manage Active Directory users, and preparing on premises AD for Azure Active Directory Connect.

To be more specific, candidates ought to plan support for various forests, plan for filtering AD, and clean up existing objects. In addition, you must be competent in the creation, deletion, and modification of users and groups via Azure AD Connect, as well as performing both scheduled and forced synchronization.

Tip 7: Be knowledgeable on federated identities for SSO

Microsoft MCSA seeks to make sure that the candidates have a grasp of installation and management of AD FS servers, WAO servers, and planning for AD FS. As a result, candidates for the exam get tested on Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) internal topologies, WAP topologies, AD FS dependencies, multi-factor authentication, certificates, and planning namespaces. Besides, the creation of AD FS account, adding additional servers, and configuring standalone settings are also vital.

Tip 8: Rights management

The importance of this element in the Microsoft MCSA certification exam cannot be underestimated. You need to have an understanding of RMS sharing application, mobile clients, and the handling of RMS templates in Office 10/13/16. Aim at having not only theoretical concepts, but also the practical ability.

Tip 9: Testing tools

Technology changes at a faster rate. This means that tools get outdated frequently. When you prepare for the exam, checkout the tools that are outdated, the ones recommended for different situations, and the requirements for the tools currently in use. The tools that you should have in mind include: Connectivity Analyzer, TRIPP, IDFix, and Remote Connectivity Analyzer.

Tip 10: Have a study plan

As you use your own collection of resources for studying, make sure you have a plan how to learn from them. Without a plan, you will be possibly revolving around the same thing daily, eventually becoming unprepared for the test.

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Follow ten tips mentioned above and you will be on the right way to pass the Microsoft 70-370-46 exam.