According to a recently unearthed study from 2014, slot machines are the most popular form of gambling in the US, with 48 per cent of casino visitors citing them as their favourite games to play, according to
This might seem like a rather niche fact in and of itself, but given the scope of the casino industry in America, it’s much more significant than it first appears. With the sector boasting an estimated worth of $130 billion by 2019, it makes the US market for slots one of the most lucrative in the world.   
The enduring popularity of slot machines 
The statistics tell us that slots games are incredibly popular amongst American audiences
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The statistics tell us that slots games are incredibly popular amongst American audiences, but what they are less good at revealing is the reason behind this nation-wide love affair. According to the experts, it’s all down to their continual evolution. 
Heavily reliant on technology, slot machines have developed apace in recent years, in line with the rest of the world around them. Tech is revolutionising everything from dating to communication, as per Unlike card and table games, which have transformed little in the last couple of centuries, slots have progressed along with their audience, giving them the ability to adapt to and complement changing wants and needs.  
And it’s not just America where they’re popular. Enjoying a huge following all around the world, slot games are played from Spain through to South Africa, delivering huge yields for the casinos who host them, and hours of enjoyment for the people who frequent them. 
The most popular games and the inspiration behind them 
Enduringly popular, enjoyable, and arguably booming
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It’s true that their reliance on technology has allowed slots to retain their role as a gambling favourite, but their enduring popularity is not solely attributable to this one thing. In fact, their ability to draw on pop culture trends in their formulation has also been a huge boon in their favour.
You can see what we mean any time you look on a page like Drawing on everything from musical masterpiece Grease to ever-beloved franchises like Terminator and Batman, slot game creators turn to things we love for inspiration – and in doing so effortlessly draw us in.   
And who can blame them when the results speak for themselves? The slots which are the most played at any given time tend to correlate with the movies, books, comics, and genres dominating mainstream culture in that particular instant, proving that when we embrace something as an audience, we do so in any form it takes. 
It’s a genius marketing move, and yet it doesn’t in any way inhibit the industry’s creativity and originality – rather, it seems to enhance it. Indeed, these tried and tested ideas typically sit alongside other entirely unique concepts, to give casino visitors an incalculable array of options to pick between, so that no matter their mood, there is always something to suit. 
Enduringly popular, enjoyable, and arguably booming, casino slot games provide a marketing manual par excellence for industries searching for their own success. Embraced the whole world over, their creations are made to take our imaginations and grip them, and judging by the statistics, their efforts in America – and internationally – have certainly proven fruitful.