Orihuela 3 v. Daya Nueva 1

Daya started pushing the ball out to left wing picked up by Montalvo who made a super cross almost from the by line but it brushed the crossbar and went out of play ,it is end to end stuff now then Daya win a free kick wasted it ,the resulting goal kick is punted upfield where Jaime has come well out his goal and has to hurry to beat the opposition to the ball which just lobbed over him as the 2 players collided the ball rolled over the goal line but the ref. orders a free kick to Daya (lucky)

The game  is all Orihuela and Jaime made a great save on 20 mins from a good header.

Still mainly one way traffic and are rewarded when another good header beats Jaime.1-0 Orihuela win a free kick courtesy of Fernando  who is booked , the free is met by a good header from Daya defence , Orihuela kept pressing and a high foot from Daya resulted another free kick to Orihuela which they made no use of.

A good attacking move by Daya resulting in an excellent cross from Montalvo but no-one on the end of it and its put out for corner which produced nothing. Ivan is involved in a heavy tackle and comes off worst the ref calls for a water break on 33mins but Ivan is subbed by Sardi on 35 mins and Daya take their free kick 2yds outside the opposition box cleared for a corner then another a break by Orihuela on 44 mins forces a good save from Jaime a quick change of direction to the opposition end and an equally good save from their goal. HALF TIME 1-0

Restart sees Josue come on for Marcos,Orihuela win a corner  producing a simple goal 2-0  Good move puts Daya up for a corner unable to convert. Jaime nearly caught out again (must have a wanderlust) 63 mins just got to it.

Another good attack from Orihuela on 76 only a yard wide, Daya get back upfield and win a free kick in the semicircle cross by Sardi finds Tuto who finishes it off 2-1 Action deep in the Daya half sees Fernando sent off for a second yellow 87min 89 mins a corner from Orihuela produces a great goal 3-1 .

Daya try a last ditch attack on the opposition goal only to win a free kick which just goes over the bar.

Brian Jerrett (Cub Reporter)

Team Sponsor:  Segurlab