Two British men have been seriously injured following a stabbing in Torrevieja during the early hours of Thursday morning. The events took place in the San Luis-El Chaparral urbanisation, a residential district on the outskirts of Torrevieja, where a row broke out between four couples, two British and two Romanian.

The two injured men were transferred by a SAMU Ambulance to Torrevieja hospital where both required emergency surgery.

The argument between the two pairs could be heard at around one am outside a bar located in la calle Rodrigo.

The argument soon turned to blows but one source said that the Romanians ran off, only to return with knives a few minutes later.

As the four men then continued their disagreement the two British men were both wounded. A 59 year old was stabbed in the back and in the thorax, while the other man of about 35 years was stabbed in the left armpit, very close to the heart. The injuries caused them both to lose a lot of blood, which spilled onto street.

Officers from both the Policia Local and the Guardia Civil were quickly on the scene together with two SAMU paramedics and an ambulance.

The two wounded Britons received medical attention on the roadside where they were stabilised and later they were transferred to the Torrevieja hospital.

A Health source confirmed that both required surgical intervention after entering the Emergency Room. They were later said to be stable and out of danger although the pair will remain hospitalised whilst their conditions are monitored.

It is understood that one of the alleged aggressors lost his mobile as he fled the scene following the altercation. The device was recovered by the Guardia who have now identified both of the perpetrators, however it is not yet known if the pair have been arrested