The PSOE has claimed that ‘internal wars’ within the Partido Popular are seriously affecting the government’s management of the Orihuela Costa

In a statement by Councillor María García she says “The internal quarrels of the PP are affecting very seriously Orihuela Costa and are endangering the image and the future of the municipality as a tourist destination.”

She accuses the Orihuela government of damaging the Costa Oriolana and all “because the party is more interested in blaming each other than of managing. Let the media fights stop and start looking for solutions now.”

The statement comes as a result of complaints by the Councillor for Tourism, Sofía Álvarez, who has accused the mayor of closing the tourist information office located on the coast because of his removal of its staff.

García says “it is evident that they are not working for Orihuela, but that they are more worried about their own political future. However, their decisions affect the welfare of thousands of residents and the image of our municipality. We do not care about their fights but while they are going on their management is disastrous. It is intolerable that they complain about problems but do not offer solutions.”

The councillor added that “residents are already tired of empty promises, and after two budgets, the sale of land and budget modifications they have still not seen results. After three years of mandate, the complaints are the same: lack of cleaning, dumping of garden waste, old and broken containers, litter bins constantly overflowing. Neither do coastal residents have transportation to connect the urbanisations, or cultural and festive events, there are missing pavements and pedestrian accesses and much, much more”.

The worst of all, according to Garcia is that “the dissatisfaction of residents is spreading to tourists who come on holiday because of the lack of basic services, a shortage of leisure events and, above all, the beach bars still remain closed.”

So what we are going to offer to the tourists? How are we going to compete with other holiday venues where there is service on the beaches, leisure activities, transportation and places to visit?

It is looking increasingly likely that this summer season is going to be catastrophic, but the worst thing is that all of these bad decisions will damage the future image of the city as a tourist destination and consequently the trade of its restaurants, businesses, shops and hotels.