On Thursday 15th  March Eurogolf played a Greendomes which is a format involving pairs playing alternate shots. On paper there were some good pairings including the overall winners Pete Cleaver and Jean Goodwin with 43 points follwed by Alan Venables and  John Vaygelt 41 points 3rd Bert Lawson and Pam Welsh 40 points.  NTP’s 5th Mal Foskett 11th Morag Turrner 12th in 2 Ken Enever/Tommy Cotgrove 15th Steve Sayers 17th Eamonn Divine Football draw Morag Turner Keith Wright Caryn Van de Krujis Linda Lynch and Norman Woods.


On Tuesday 13th March Toffs played their usual stableford and the results were Overall winners 1st Norman Wood 41 2nd Bruce Gordon 40 3rd John Barrclough 38 c/b 4th David Gregson 38 Cat 1 1st Bill Martin 37 2nd Pete Cleaver 36 Cat 2 1st Bob Shorley 38  2nd Collin Willis 37 Ca 3 1st Eamonn Divine 37 2nd Colin Hobden 35 NTP’s 5th David Gregson  11th Bertie Lawson  12th in 2 Pete Cleaver  15h Brian Wilson 17h David Gregson Best front 9 Tommy Cotgrove 22  Best back 9 Arty Crammon 20 Football draw Diane Bailey Franco Gentili Sue Pegg Martin Welsh and David Valentine