The Transplant Coordination Unit of the Orihuela Health Department has celebrated 20 years since it first began its organ and tissue donation and transplantation program back in 1997, since which time it has processed 264 donors and more than 700 transplanted organs.

During its 20 years, the unit has become a national benchmark in excellence in achieving a donation rate that is double the national average.  As such the unit is now accredited as a reference unit at European level.

The Transplant Coordination Unit is formed by two transplant coordinators, Javier Martínez and Juan Trives, who have been in charge since its inception.

It also has a number of medical specialists, nurses, assistants, caretakers, telephone operators, who have all made it possible to achieve these results. “We must thank over100 people who have worked with us during these years, without whom it would not have been possible, “said Juan Trives, the nurse coordinator of transplants.

During the 20 years the coordination of transplants in the department has progressed continuously to improve both their results and their work. In 2003, the unit was authorised to perform a cornea transplant.

The Unit was also recognised for its work when, in 2009, it was awarded the Benchmarking Award and in 2010 the prize for the best program coordination, for its work and involvement in the donation and transplant of organs.

“The successes achieved during these 20 years would not have been possible without active participation in the donation process, the joint and coordinated work of many professionals at the centre,” said Javier Martínez, coordinating physician of the unit.