Coming to the end of the Autumn 2017 Season, SAMM racers can look back on a mixture of days with either not enough or too much wind. At last, like last week, another day of good conditions, brilliant sunshine and a flat Mar Menor.

To be ready for the forecasted wind shift and strength drop at midday a triangular course was set but, it never came and was NW gusting from 8 up to 14 knots all day, which called for alertness and quick reactions from all boat crews. This they all did well so no capsizes or other incidents.

Seven boats started the morning race, a little strung out, with Lavanter bringing up the rear. Her skipper Robert is very experienced but, for his crew Martin, a new member, it was the first time on a boat in 40 years. Tug and Jack on Shoestring Tres soon took the lead which they held to finish in 32 minutes, chased all the way by Julian on the Topaz in 34 minutes and Diane and Tim on Shoestring Uno in 34.5 minutes. A very short race caused by the continued high wind.

For the afternoon race the wind was the same, so a course alteration was made by extending the windward leg, hopefully to give a longer race. Seven boats again started with all through within 20 seconds, an excellent start, probably the best for some time; John Down, on his Quba, being the first over, with the fleet in hot pursuit. The first leg just off the wind, the second leg a downwind run and the third leg a long beat on the up wind leg. The course change resulting in the desired effect as the fastest boat took 49 minutes to finish.

At the end of the first lap of the four laps the Laser of Tug and Jack had taken the lead followed by the Topaz, Shoestring Uno, Quba, Sirocco, Lavanter and the Sea Hopper. This was the same order until the last lap when Lavanter eventually overtook Julian sailing singlehanded on Sirocco.

The result order is changed with the application of the handicaps but show how close the racing was.

Morning race: Shoestring Uno, Diane/Tim. Shoestring Tres, Tug/Jack, plus 35 seconds. Topaz Duo, Julian, plus 24 seconds.

Afternoon race: Topaz Duo, Julian. Shoestring Tres, Tug/Jack, plus 12 seconds. Quba, John, plus 39 seconds.