By Andrew Atkinson

Spain’s star studded dog Rodeo remains on the ‘danger zone’ after suffering life threatening injuries in a car accident that incurred a fractured leg and internal bleeding.

“Rodeo is happy enough in himself – but he’s still very anaemic and his red blood cell count is slowly on the rise,” said owner Emma Tytherleigh.

Following the near fatal incident it was feared Rodeo would not survive leaving one of Spain’s top equine performers Emma in tears.

“Rodeo is still very much in the danger zone – for now,” said Emma, who has entertained thousands of people in the ‘Flamenco and Horse Spectacular’ shows in Spain.

Rodeo underwent an operation to repair the severe injuries – that has lead to ongoing veterinary costs – currently standing at 4,500 euros.

And ‘Circus Vegas’ star performer Emma remains concerned about Leishmaniasis along with the severe anaemia that Rodeo has.

Rodeo is undergoing treatment for Leishmaniasis, that can invariably spread throughout the body organs. Renal kidney failure is the most common – which can cause death.

The main organ systems affected with Leishmaniasis are the skin, kidneys, spleen, liver, eyes, and joints, along with a skin reaction, with lesions on the skin, and hair loss.

“Rodeo has started a new treatment for the Leishmaniasis and we have to visit the vet twice a week – for the next six weeks,” said Emma.

Over 2,200 euros has been raised to help aid Rodeo recover, and Emma added: “I’m so touched by kindness. The overwhelming concern, donations and help has brought tears to my eyes.”

It is expected that the veterinary costs will spiral to 6,000 euros and Emma said: “Rodeo will undergo an X-Ray – and with any luck – have the five pins taken out of his leg.”

Rodeo has also touched the hearts of the riders and crew of EQUILA (Apassionata) of which the World Premiere of EQUILA is being staged on November 5, 2017 in Munich, Germany.

“The riders and crew of Equila (Apassionata) have all rallied round,” said Emma.

“I thank everyone for their support, friends, family, colleagues – even strangers – have donated money to help pay for his treatment,” said Emma.

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