Local Police from Orihuela Costa used GPS last week to arrest 4 men following a violent attack in the Urbanisation de la Florida.

The 4 men had earlier broken into a house on the urbanisation after forcing the door.   After accessing the property they stole several mobile phones, watches and about 100 euros in cash. As they made to flee the occupant tried to stop them but he was overpowered, earning a beating in the process.

The occupants were able to call the emergency services which quickly saw several police patrols deployed in a search of the area, while another patrol remained at the husee to assist the victims and gather information.

The victims provided a description of the robbers who committed the robbery as well as showing agents the location of one of the stolen phones on a tablet, which only about 200 metres away, thanks to its GPS.

The patrols were then able to locate the four men who were hidden nearby in a clump of overgrown trees and bushes.  Although they had destroyed the telephone screens they hadn’t considered the fact that the GPS was still operating.

The agents quickly arrested the 4 suspects are currently holding them awaiting an appearance in court.

The call to 112 and the rapid intervention of the patrols made it possible to recover all the stolen property as well as quickly arrest the four perpetrators.