With our lowest turnout this year, just 26 members played an individual Stableford competition in temperatures in excess of 33 degrees but thankfully the light breeze did give us the feeling of it being a little cooler!

The course was in good condition with the greens being a little difficult to read, they looked slow but if fact were quite fast and this resulted in a few comments about taking a number of 3 putts. It’s always nice to get off to a good start, but to do that you need your clubs, Alan Rickers aka as cuddly from Dudley had to borrow a friend’s car for today’s journey, so he told his mate John Hillier to get his clubs out of the Ford Focus.

John agreed and wondered around the car park clicking the remote at all of the Ford Focuses that he can find without response. Getting a little infuriated with the situation he stood in the centre of the car park clicking the remote and to his surprise the lights flashed on a Ford Fusion! Cuddly was obvious “confused” .

With his clubs loaded on the buggy off they went to the 1st tee alas the “confusion” lead to him blobbing the first 2 holes! Hopefully your own car will be fit for next week Alan. Results: N.T.P.’s Hole3 John Eyre, Hole5 Carsten Landaas, Hole13 Lasse Jorung, Hole 16 John Hillier.

Photo: Silver category winners. Silver category: 3rd place C. Bellman 33 pts. 2nd A. Goslan 35 pts. 1st M. Mhyrvold 40 pts. Gold category: 3rd J. Eyre 34 pts. 2nd K. Aasebo 37 pts 1st C. Landaas 39 pts.

Forthcoming event; Anniversary Trophy at La Marquesa 9/8/17 members eat for free after the competition. Fancy a game with a truly International membership contact us via; www.tmgs.org www.facebook.com/TMGSGOLF @TMGSGOLF or call 661 524 101