This weekend I was fortunate enough to go to the Cardenal Belluga Theatre, to see the Production of “Carry on Pompeii” by The Stagestruck Theatre group.

On arrival at the theatre I was offered a complimentary drink, a programme and shown to my seat. Shortly after this the lights were dimmed and we were informed to sit back and enjoy this comedy performance.

Well in no time at all we were transformed back to Ancient Rome as the actors performed their parts impeccably, with a main character Grovelo the head slave keeping the audience informed as the play went on. Well it seemed in no time at all came the interval, the first half was over with an excellent story line (written and directed by Leigh Humphries) consisting of good singing and laugh out loud gags galore. I had been thoroughly amused and enjoyed this first half performance immensely.

Then came the announcement there would be short interval and the raffle would be drawn, I was unlucky and didn’t win. I felt I was already a winner for enjoying the first half performance.

The lights again dimmed and Grovelo regaled us with information as the story unfolded keeping me laughing with the gags and entertained with the story line. The solo songs and the outstanding costumes and scenery reminded me of the times I had been to professional West End Plays

The second half drew to a close with Mount Vesuvius erupting and a standing ovation from the Audience.

When the final curtain was pulled the Director and a fine actress

Leigh Humphries stepped forward to thank the audience, the actors, the back stage staff , the sound and lighting crew for their support and commitment to the group. She then called forward a representative from

The Torrevieja Alzheimer’s Association and presented them with a cheque for 3000 euro.

I now cannot wait until the next performance and according to the programme a Christmas Pantomime “Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood” so for more information re events or even joining the group

You can contact:-