The Association of LA FLORIDA Residents became the latest neighbourhood group to add to the weight of FAOC, the Federación de Asociaciones de Orihuela Costa, when it completed its constitutional process last week, establishing it as a statutory association.

The new La Florida assembly will strengthen the associative fabric of the Orihuela Costa and will now be eligible to join in with the organisation of the new District Boards.

Its organisers, Ana Suárez and José Manuel González, are both fully committed individuals with wide experience in the management of neighbourhood groups and the particular needs of children on the coast, through the organisation ANPAS.

Their integration into FAOC moves the Association a step closer to their goal of establishing a nucleus of 10 associations, which will form together to participate in the Boards of the 2 districts (X and XI) into which the Oriolana coast has recently been divided.

The addition of the La Florida Association will also strengthen the FAOC as it continues to fight for a ‘fair deal’ for the residents of the Orihuela Costa in terms of the coastal infrastructure, its facilities and its necessary services which have long been ignored by the local government.