The Vega Baja Health Platform has shown its dissatisfaction with the Department of Health claiming that patients from the Vega Baja Hospital are regularly being referred to private hospitals for medical tests.

They say that one member of the platform has recently received a letter, and refused to have a colonoscopy in the privately managed Torrellano Hospital.

The Oriolano group claims to have received many complaints from patients about such appointments, and have now sent a letter to the Health Minister, Carmen Montón, along with the current vice president of the Consell, Mónica Oltra.

They say that diverting patients to the private sector is done to the detriment of our Public Health and that priority should be given to ensure that our public hospitals are better equipped and able to carry out such tests themselves.

The platform warns those responsible in the Generalitat Valenciana, “that we cannot and will not allow the lack of investment in the services of the Vega Baja hospital to continue whilst funding that should be used in the public sector is being spent elsewhere.