I have lived in Orihuela Costa for ten years now and have come to expect little or nothing for the area from Orihuela Council.

The latest news they gave us was the resurfacing of the road from La Zenia to Los Dolses.  This did indeed amount to nothing!

They did also do SOME work on the dirttrack at the new school in Playa Flamenca.  Between the two it may have amounted to about ten kilos of tarmac and after a few weeks is already churning up!  Is that our budget spent?

The one thing they do give the area is new houses as it gives them a great source of revenue to spend on Orihuela city.

The heavy traffic back and fro to build these houses simply breaks up the woefully poor surface of the roads.  At the new school, this is an absolute disgrace, with children always around it is an accident waiting to happen as there is no pavement on the dirt track and barely enough room for two cars!

The social houses at El Barranco are a great idea for many families, however as usual, no thought has gone into the planning and residents, who for some reason do not use the underground parking provided, park in an already over congested street, while the street on the other side lies empty.  With no extra provision for their rubbish, it is just thrown in the streets!

The entire area is declining rapidly as no councillor is concerned about the area.  I did write to the Town Hall who told me it was nothing to do with them and I should go to the police.  A strange reply from a Town Hall, however after seeing the lack of effort from our past councillors it was no surprise.  Who is responsible for the disgraceful state of Orihuela Costa?

Ian Fairburn


    We think that together we could organize our own budget using the ENTIDAD LOCAL MENOR;
    Saturday opposite the town hall we will meet and talk about it and clean a ravine and we will show you the jarilla, now fully blossomed.