On Tuesday, 13 December, El Preventorio children’s home held their annual Christmas party at the stadium of Javea’s football team in Javea. This was a tremendous success mainly due to an enormous amount of freely given time and effort from many people and organisations.

You may remember from previous articles that local Freemasons have supported this worthy cause over the last few years with substantial gifts and donations from Arenal Lodge in particular along with White River Lodge and others.

It has also been massively supported by the Provincial Grand Master RWBro Norman Wheatley and the Provincial Grand Lodge of Valencia who, earlier this year, sponsored eighteen children from the school (plus more than twenty other children) to go to a ten day summer school. This was an incredibly well received gesture and the Province are hoping to do the same next year.

Yesterday however, was a tribute to many people including Ms Silvia Barnish who did much of the organising helped by many others too numerous to list but including Bay Radio, Javea football ground, the Red Cross, local business associations and the local Baptist Church who spent a long time wrapping all the gifts for the children.

Many others freely gave their time to make this a very special day for the children. A bouncy castle was provided along with carers and helpers in costumes, a huge amount of food and drinks, face painting, photographs of the children and our own local DJ Darrell Clayton, also a Mason, who provided lighting, sound, a snow machine and played endless music to help give the day a very special meaning.

Last but by no means least we were honoured by a very special visit from Father Christmas (or Papa Noel as the children here know him) and some of his helper elves who gave presents to all the children. They were (of course) delighted and it was nice to see that each thanked him politely, most with a hug or kiss. There were quite a few moist eyes at this time – mine among them. I am sure it was just the wind.

Each child received presents, some containing everyday necessities such as clothes and shoes but each also received several toys or games and all had some chocolate which is always well received! This was a magical day which I was privileged to attend on behalf of all the Freemasons of the Province who have toiled over the last year to help raise money or donate gifts for the school.

We are sure they will continue to support this incredible project next year so that next Christmas we can provide an even better day. I am sure those that attended, adults as well as children, will remember this day for a very long time. A huge thank-you to all those who helped. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Should you wish to donate to this worthy cause or if you would like more information on Freemasonry please contact me on the email address below and I will answer all in particular your questions.


WBro William Turney   Press Officer

Provincial Grand Lodge of Valencia