Despite having to find a further 4 million euros, over 56% of residents in Pilar de la Horadada want to see completion of the new cultural centre, “La Paloma”, built along the Av de la Constitution and almost next door to the Junior school Virgen del Pilar.

The figure was arrived at following a telephone survey of 3,721 households on 22 and 23 October with the results showing that 56.2% of the men surveyed want to see the work resumed, compared to 54.1% of women.  The minority governing PSOE will now raise the matter at the next meeting of the town plenary at which they will hope to obtain council approval.

The Council presented a new image of how the building will look at the conclusion of the works, no longer simulating a pigeon following the dismantling of the tower which was said to project like a great bird.

One further absence will be that of the auditorium which has also disappeared. Although there will still be a large central space for events and performances they will in future be conducted in the open air.

Building of the original centre, much of which still stands as a monument to the former council’s over spending,  was abandoned over a decade ago when it was discovered that the initial budget of 2.4 million had increased to over 12 million euros. At that stage the council had already spent 6 million.

But despite bringing construction to a halt, following a court order issued in Elche, there was still a further 2,359,414 euros that had to be found in compensation, to the company that built the controversial building, because the project was never finished


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  1. As a resident and tax payer of Pilar de la Horadada I would be interested to know who conducted this “Survey” as the current council have been loath to share the costings and project details with other councillors let alone the residents!

    It is correct that the majority of the town of Pilar want the project finished but this needs to be agreed by all the elected councillors when the PSOE provide all the information, regarding costings and the redesigned project as has been requested and not forthcoming for a number of months.

    I know you repeat the press releases as given by the PSOE but I believe you should investigate this report with the majority of opposition councillors in order to get the real story behind this project.