Guardamar’s Guardia Civil have arrested three men, two Moroccans aged 44 and 27, aiding and abetting, and an Algerian aged 38, who is alleged to have caused serious injury to his wife last Monday.

The assault took place on Monday in the village of Dava Nueva where a 43 year old Spanish woman suffered a brutal attack by her husband.

Sources say that she was staying at the house of a friend and when her husband came to call, with the excuse that he wanted to resolve their previous argument, after being allowed entry to the house he stabbed his wife twice in the back, once to the kidney and once to the lung, causing serious internal bleeding.

When the occupier of the house tried to stop the attack he too was assaulted, receiving numerous blows as he was knocked to the ground by the attacker.

The woman was soaked with blood and was immediately transferred to the ICU although she is now thought to be out of danger.

The Guardia Civil praised the actions of the occupier saying that but for his intervention the assault could have been much worse.

The attacker was found later that same day at the house of his daughter where he was hiding in the company of two other men.  All three were arrested and are currently awaiting a date for a court hearing.

Apparently, the victim and the perpetrator were married about a year and a half ago, during which period there has been no history of gender violence.