Nigel Farage has attacked Downing Street following Theresa May’s comments that there was “no vacancy” for the role of UK Ambassador to the US.

His comments come after Donald Trump tweeted that “many people” thought that Nigel Farage “would do a great job” in representing “Great Britian as their Ambassador to the United States”.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Theresa May said that the job is currently held by Sir Kim Darroch who is “an excellent ambassador who only took up the post in January”.

Mr Farage, the UKIP interim leader, joined Donald Trump during the campaign and was the first politician from the UK to meet with him after he won the US presidential elections.

In an article written by Nigel Farage and published on, Farage stated that he is prepared to help Britain work together with Donald Trump.

“I have said since the now famous photograph with Donald Trump 10 days ago that I would do anything to help our national interest and to help cement ties with the incoming Anglophile administration.

At every stage I am greeted by negative comments coming out of Downing Street. The dislike of me, UKIP, and the referendum result is more important to them than what could be good for our country.

I have known several of the Trump team for years and I am in a good position with the president-elect’s support to help. The world has changed and it’s time that Downing Street did too.”