San Fulgencio opposition politicians have complained to the Inspectorate of Labour and Social Security in Alicante warning that attendants working in the municipal sports schools do not have contracts and since they are not on the official payroll “they are working for black money.”

The Groups that have submitted he written complaints are the PSOE, PIPN and APSFU, who believe that the present ruling party may have committed infringements of individual and collective labour relations by employing and paying their staff in this way.

Until last year, the municipal sports schools were run by the Football Club, Sporting de San Fulgencio. This year, however, the management service was put out to tender with a requirement that the contractor must provide a total of 7 staff, each of whom have been employed in their roles for between 2 and 10 years.

Opposition groups have now called for access to contracts, payroll and contributions of the employees, but have been told by the council that they are not available.