Archaeologists working on the former Civil War concentration camp in Albatera have shared on social media some of the unique objects they found during the past week, which include a gilded silver ring and a cufflink decorated with art deco motifs, similar to those found in mass graves in the Balearic Islands.

They say that the finds will provide a better understand the history of what was one of the largest concentration camps in Spain.

Military insignia has also been found this past week, specifically a badge from a military pilot course showing a red sphere with wings on the sides, four golden propellers and on which a crown rests. There is a silver rhomboid-shaped emblem that, according to investigations, would have arrived at the concentration camp during its last months of activity.

In addition, archaeologists have found a large amount of ammunition that is being analysed to see if it was fired or not in order to learn more about the repressive techniques used in the concentration camp.