The PP mayor-elect of Orihuela, Pepe Vegara, begins this Tuesday a round of contacts with the leaders of the different political formations that have obtained municipal councillors, in the elections held on May 28.

On Tuesday he met with the current acting mayor and head of the PSOE list, Carolina Gracia, after which he will meet with Manuel Mestre from Vox. Tomorrow, Wednesday, it will be the turn of Carlos Bernabé from Cambiemos and José Aix from Ciudadanos.

Vegara begins these meetings as the PP was the list with the most votes in the last municipal elections and its purpose is to present, to each of them, the government project prepared for Orihuela, as well as to obtain their support to be able to execute his manifesto during the next four years.

He hopes to take on the post of mayor with the absolute support of the councillors elected from the rest of the political parties, in the first round, in the inauguration and investiture plenary session to be held on June 17.

The Popular Party of Orihuela, in the absence of the final official result, obtained 10 councillors, followed by the PSOE with 6 councillors, Vox with 4, Cs with 3 and Cambiemos with 2.