Two youngsters, a boy and a girl, have died in a traffic accident on Avenida de Villajoyosa in Alicante on la carretera de la Cantera.

The couple, two 21-year-olds, were traveling on a motorcycle at high speed, when they lost control and hit a lamp post

The accident occurred around 3:15 p.m. on Saturday afternoon when the 125cc motorcycle they were traveling on lost control, due to circumstances that are still being investigated by the Alicante Local Police, and hit a lamppost.

The motorcyle flew up into the air before travelling a further 50 metres

It flew up into the area and travelled for a further 50 mtrs before coming to a halt. The young man died instantly.

Two SAMU ambulances attended the accident along with a number of local police patrols, close to  the Tiro de Pichón restaurant. All four lanes were closed to traffic while the accident was dealt with by the emergency services.

Traffic was finally restored just before 6pm.

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