Once again, homelessness has been highlighted in Torrevieja – with a bed in situ in an entrance of premises in La Loma, while in the Province of Alicante 4,000 families are waiting to be housed.

“It is not the only one in Torrevieja, but how can you allow this aberration in a city that boasts of ‘tourist excellence’ – or accept as normal by its inhabitants – such degradation,” said one resident, concerning the plight in La Loma.

Another said: “We need a shelter in Torrevieja – there is no right for a person to live on the street”.

Others have called on the city authorities to help those in need, citing it is unacceptable to have homeless sleeping in doorways and on the streets.



In Alicante over 4,000 families are currently looking for homes. In 2022 the Consell approved a new form of direct aid, to provide rental housing for people in vulnerable situations, through the town halls.

The maximum amount of aid totalling €8m was given to town halls and associations to facilitate an immediate housing solution for social rent.

Aid of up to 100% of the income for assignment in use, or in any temporary enjoyment scheme admitted may be granted, with a maximum of €600 per month.

This may be reinforced with a supplement of up to €200 per month to meet the expenses of maintenance, insurance, community, and basic supplies of the house.

The help comes as more than 4,000 families are said to be registered on a waiting list to access a flat in the province of Alicante.

Calls have also been made to rehouse homeless people in Torrevieja: “In Torrevieja there are many flats with over 30% empty,” said one local.