The 8-a-side football leagues in the province of Alicante and La Ribera will begin on the weekend of October 15.

The Football 8 competitions in the province of Valencia, Castellón and some of La Ribera, La Costera and La Safor have commenced.

After the closing of team registrations, the FFCV has drawn up the competition groups in the different categories.

With the exception of the Alevi Preferent category, which is already underway, the rest of the 8-a-side Football Leagues in Valencia and Castellón started on September 30.

In La Costera and La Safor, the competitions are: Alevi 2nd Any Coastal Initiation; Alevi 2º Any Safor Alt; Alevi 1st Any Coastal Alt; Alevi 1st Any Safor Alt; Benjamin 2nd Any Safor initiation Groups 1 and 2. Benjamin 1º Any La Safor Alt; Undergraduate 2nd Any Safor Initiation.

New formats and improvements in F8 competitions for 2022-23 season

The Football Federation of the Valencian Community have introduced improvements and new formats in the Football 8 and Escola de Gegants competitions for the 2022-23 season in the three provinces.

The Sports Committee has worked on this new reform of 8-a-side football competitions, including the Escola de Gegants (Cherubs), endorsed at the Grassroots Football Congress held in Valencia.

“These new measures are always focused on promoting the training of the player above the competition, after having detected problems in the different competitions in the three provinces.

“The FFCV considers it essential that the clubs get involved when registering the teams correctly in the corresponding category, since the correct learning of the player depends on it.

“These improvements and modifications will have their own adaptations, depending on each province,” said a FFCV statement.


Among the novelties, the new format of the Preferred Alevín League stands out, with a second round that will consist of an Autonomous League with the best teams classified in the first round in each group.

The different levels of each category, previously teams A, B and C are now called Preferent, Alt, Mitjà and Iniciació with each province having its own category scheme.

“Since this season, it is allowed that entire teams of Prebenjamín or Benjamin of second year can play the league in the immediately superior category.

This is in order to match their sporting level and thereby improve the competition, both in the category that they leave and in the category where they will participate.

“A second-year Benjamín team that has a very high level will be able to participate in the Mitjà or Alt level first-year Alevín competitions.

“The same happens with the second year Prebenjamines, who will be able to participate with a full team in the Mitjà or Alt Level first year Benjamin competitions.

“In addition, the match formats in some levels, such as Initiation will be modified in four parts, the obligation for all players to participate, a new points distribution system.

“The Escola de Gegants will now play 5-a-side football, with adaptation of the pitch to the characteristics of this training category, after pilot tests carried out in the Gegants Cups held at the end of last season in El Planter and in Sant Vicent del Raspeig,” added the FFCV statement.