• Loggerhead turtle’s 131 eggs in Guardamar

Katherine, a female loggerhead turtle has laid 131 eggs in Guardamar – the biggest number of all nests made in the Valencian Community in recent years.

The loggerhead is named Katherine in honour of a young American marine biologist who recently died.

It has had a satellite transmitter installed, genetic samples taken, microchip installed and an ultrasound performed, to track it in the hope it continues to mature eggs.

Katherine has had a satellite transmitter installed.

Once spotted, protocol 112 was activated by the beach cleaning services of the Guardamar City Council, and the lifeguard services of the Red Cross, Local Police and SEPRONA of the Civil Guard immediately acted, until the first turtle protocol technician from the Com arrived on July 26.

Subsequently, the rest of the technicians from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the University of Valencia, the Ministry of the Environment, the NGO Xaloc and the veterinary team of the Oceanogràfic arrived.

It is hoped the loggerhead will return to the sand for a second spawning, between July 27 and August 11.

Caption: Katherine laid 131 eggs in Guardamar.