Love Island is one of the most successful reality television series in recent years, with around three million people tuning in to each episode. Part of the appeal is seeing oiled-up beauties getting it on with one another, but it’s also popular because of its idyllic setting.

Since the release of the latest season of the British version of the show, there has been a huge spike in people searching for holidays in Mallorca. It’s clear that the ITV2 series is having an amazing effect on tourism.

Love Island is a Global Phenomenon With Countless International Versions

Love Island is now in its eighth season in the UK, and its popularity is showing no signs of waning. Indeed, it has sparked a sprawling international franchise with a multitude of different regional versions in markets around the world. In every format, there are male and female contestants staying on an island. They are tasked with coupling up, with the aim to become the last couple standing to win a cash prize.

Love Island junkies can get their fix of other iterations easily, meaning that they never miss out on any love triangles between perfectly sculpted islanders. In recent years, there’s been an international push for both coverages of the UK show as well as geo-specific spin-offs. This ExpressVPN article summarises the coverage across numerous regions including the likes of Italy, France, Germany, Canada, and the US. This just goes to show that the concept’s format and popularity have led to a boom with audiences around the world. Undoubtedly, the show will continue on with high viewer ratings and will likely branch out to new territories, owing to demand, too.

Travel Searches for Mallorca Up by 600 Percent

According to a recent report in the Mirror, after the release of the latest season of Love Island UK, there was a massive surge in Brits searching for holidays in Mallorca. Indeed, “cheap flights to Mallorca” was one of the most common searches, up by 600 percent from the previous month.

Mallorca has long been a much-loved Spanish island for British tourism, but it has always faced stiff competition from the likes of Ibiza, Menorca, and the Canary Islands. However, this year, it is by far the trendiest summer holiday destination for UK residents in search of some Spanish sun.

Appeal of Watching Love Island Could be to do With Holiday Dreaming

There are various reasons why Love Island has such appeal and keeps alluring viewers every year. The Conversation discusses some of the numerous factors such as the fact that the show features real people who experience genuine feelings for one another.

The other main reason why so many people love tuning into the coupling series is to get a taste of the wonderful settings. It’s the perfect form of escapism, as it allows viewers to forget about the daily grind and dream about going on holiday. From the searches about holidays in Mallorca, it’s clear that the series is having that effect.

It looks like Mallorca is set to benefit greatly from Love Island this year, and tourism-focused businesses on the island will be hoping the series returns there again next year.