It has taken the municipal council very nearly 3 years to repair the sinkhole above La Caleta beach that first appeared following the torrential rains of the DANA in September 2019.

Following indignation at their lack of previous action, the department of infrastructure finally began the task in May 22, completing it just last week, but despite not integrating the new wall into environment as Costas demanded.

But nevertheless, the area is now safe, has been reopened, and once again provides a pedestrian access to the beach.

The job itself overran by a month after a breakdown of the machinery brought in to carry out the work and at a cost of 47,500 euros, in addition to the replacement of the promenade, a retaining wall has been built to resolve the instability of the terrain and prevent the reoccurrence of similar problems in the future.

Sources from the City Council, however, have said that, as required by the Provincial Coastal Service in its authorisation, the integration of the new works into the landscape is missing, and still needs a masonry lining of a colour similar to that of the promenade or a plantation that is considered appropriate.

At the council plenary session last Thursday the neighbourhood association AVCRL registered a question for councilor Ángel Noguera to explain publicly the reasons why it has taken so long to make the repairs.

Unfinished works on the coast

In addition, the Association also asked Noguera about several other works managed by his council department that remain unfinished in Orihuela Costa , offering “a regrettable image of neglect to neighbours and visitors.”

These include completion of the asphalting works around La Regia, six months after the bulk of the work was carried out, replacement of the balustrade or wall, and the affected section of the pavement that is still fenced off, creating a hazard for any pedestrians.

Another abandoned project they raised with the councillor was the Aguamarina park for which, last November Noguera announced the construction of a storm tank to avoid drainage problems that occur during each period of heavy rain.

The association asked the councillor what the forecast is and when “normality will be regained in the park, which still lacks much of the equipment that was promised when it was first designed.”

One resident has been unable to get his car out of the drive for 17 weeks

A question was also asked of Calle Pavo Real, in the Las Chismosas urbanisation, and the roadworks that were started 17 weeks ago but have since been abandoned, with one resident still being unable to move his car from his driveway.