• Bonfires on Orihuela Costa beaches in celebration of San Juan

Orihuela’s Department of Beaches has announced that only two beaches may be used on Saturday night for the traditional festival of the Night of San Juan, where the summer solstice is celebrated with roaring bonfires, drink, food, and friends, a memorable, almost surreal scene and one that needs to be experienced at least once.

With the intention of guaranteeing the balance between the celebration of the feastday and the proper use of the beaches, the council has decided to allow access to just two of them, Cala Bosque and Cala Captain, closing the rest.

In recent years, both Cala Bosque and Cala Capitán have been the two most popular beaches on the Night of San Juan for families wishing to celebrate this popular festival, which is why the Orihuela City Council has decided to allow access to both and close the remainder to ensure safety and maintain cleanliness.

To ensure that the public complies with the instruction a special Local Police patrol will tour the beaches during the evening and much of the night.