• The mother of the victim, 80 years of age, is in a critical condition with a serious head injury

On Tuesday morning the National Police has arrested a man for his alleged involvement in the violent death of a 50-year-old man at his home in Orihuela. The victim’s mother, an 80-year-old woman, has also been critically injured with a serious head injury. She was taken to the Vega Baja hospital after being stabilized by medical personnel.

Agents say that they have a hammer in their possession which they are treating as the possible murder weapon. They also added that a debt of 50 euros owed to the murderer was thought to be the origin of the deadly attack.

The site of the murder, a house on Calle San Antonio de Padua in the urban area of Orihuela.

The events occurred in the early hours of this Tuesday morning, at around 01:15 am, when the local police and ambulance services were called by neighbours to assist two people who were injured in a house on Calle San Antonio de Padua in the urban area of ​​Orihuela.

On arriving at the scene they found the old woman badly injured inside the house, along with the man, her deceased son, who had also been beaten with a blunt object in an adjacent room, according to police sources.

A SAMU unit and an SVB unit travelled to the scene but on their arrival the medical team confirmed the man’s death, while the woman was taken to the Vega Baja hospital in Orihuela after being stabilized.

Subsequently, the injured woman has been transferred to the General University Hospital of Elche. The Police have opened an investigation to clarify the causes of the disturbance and the attack.



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