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The Bucket List

Sometimes, and this is one of them, a story pops up that is so over the top that it makes me think it is too late for the world as it has already gone crazy especially, where such insignificant events can  bring down the excessively heavy hand of the law. This is another story about the U.K. Police using disproportionate ‘manpower’ – I think everybody understands what that means, but to bring it up to date ‘personpower’.

Let me introduce you to Darrell Meekcom, he is a fifty-five-year-old man with a terminal illness which includes Parkinson disease. He is a professor and taught medicine at Birmingham University, he has limited mobility using a Zimmer frame to get about and sometimes is confined to a wheelchair.

As with many other people Darrell has a bucket list to complete, and after being caught speeding on an empty road, a few miles per hour over the limit, his wish was to moon a traffic camera to show his displeasure.

Sadly, as the diagnosis of his illness had become terminal, he thought he would wipe one of the items off his bucket list and moon the speeding camera that was parked in a van at the side of the road.

It would seem that the Police officer in the van, this time he is a man, had no sense of humour, as he reported him.

Five hours later, whilst Professor Meekcom is in his garden, six police officers arrive. His wife is filming the event, as the police kick the garden gate down, wrestle him to the ground, handcuff him and charge him with resisting arrest.

In former times we simply had a local beat police officer who would have had a quiet word. In the meantime, however, while terminally ill Darrell is being arrested for little more than an innocent prank, and occupying the activities of six police officers, the crime rate in Birmingham is at 130% of the National average.

The New Dress

Not many people know of Charlie and yet he has changed the way a large organisation, with one hundred and eighty stores, manages their function. Charlie is an active young man and well known in the West Midlands, as he is ‘chair’ (In the old days that used to be ‘chairman, it was changed but it still means the same), of the local Young Liberal. He is also very active in promoting ‘trans gender’ groups.

For you see Charlie has a disability, although he may not see it as that, and although I do feel extremely sorry for him, as I do with other people who have a similar problem, it is not life threatening. He still has all of his faculties, arms and legs etc, so it is not comparable to many others who must live a life with severe incapacities; brain damage or the loss of mobility, but nevertheless, it is a problem for him.

Charlie is eighteen years old, he has a lot of ‘welly’ and he does not believe in people being referred to as him/her; he prefers to call them they/them, and he refers to himself as ‘Pansexual’ whatever that means. Perhaps he likes brooms.

As I just said he is not at all shy, even though he is different in thought to most, although he does not see this as a problem, and he is determined that the world should know all about it and change to his way.

Charlie, to repeat, is the controlling influence for the local Young Liberals and as a side he is also the  spokesman – or should that be ‘spokesit’ – for a ‘trans persons group’.

What causes Charlie’s problem, I do not know, but we all have our little foibles, however, maybe it is something that happened prior to his earlier development, before he was born. On the other hand it is possible, I suppose, that his mother wanted a girl and brought him up in that regard, and perhaps one moonlit night he will discover soft delights and discover he has been wrong.

The power of Charlie’s thoughts took him to the doorstep of ‘Monsoon’ the women’s fashion chain which, as I said, has multi stores. Charlie, who I have also said is not shy, is no flower, in fact he is a powerful man – sorry pansexual – certainly not a follower, he is determined to change the way we all think.  He went into the shop and bought an article of clothing and then proceeded to the changing rooms.

It is now obvious he/she/it wanted to make a strong point as he/she/it could have selected many different stores, but Monsoon have a common changing room policy so there are no booths.

The staff in Monsoon’s politely told him that men are not allowed to try their clothes on, and they turned him away.

Charlie hit the social media button amongst his followers which it is alleged sent shock waves in the direction of the Board of Directors at Monsoon.

They were not concerned, so the story goes, about the privacy of hundreds of thousands of their clientele in their changing rooms. It appears that they were more interested in cowing to the trans group lobby which is a very small percentage of the population

An instruction was immediately issued, so my information goes, that their changing rooms are now open to all, and as compensation to Charlie, they gave him a new dress. There is nothing in the report that tells us if he is wearing it.

So once again we see the confused thinking amongst the powers that control the land, that just one complaint–a single criticism – is enough to change the way we live.

So, in future it would seem that when women and young mothers with their darling little offspring daughter are down to their delicate smalls in Monsoon, and Charlie walks in with a glint in his eye, it has nothing to do with being surrounded by partial nudity as he is there to try on his new dress.

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