An lottery ticket sold in Guardamar del Segura has scooped the top prize of 9 million euro in last  Friday’s ONCE draw.

This is the second consecutive week that players in the province of Alicante have won a big prize, after more than 9.2 million euro was won last week in El Altet.

The ONCE salesman David Penalva Rodríguez sold the ticket through his Point of Sale Terminal at which he sits on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday in Av. Cervantes, 29, next to the pharmacy.

“I don’t know who it could have been,” David acknowledged nervously, while he continued selling coupons to his regular customers. “Not even he knows it yet,” he commented.

This is the third grand prize that David has handed out in the 20 years he has been working as a salesman for ONCE in that town in Alicante. Before that Couponazo, he brought luck to his customers with an Extra Mother’s Day coupon and with the daily coupon.

The Cuponazo draw this Friday has left another 450,000 euro in 18 coupons awarded with 25,000 euro each distributed by different Spanish towns, including Elche.