Percy’s Ramblings

The Big Lunch.

It is that time of year, as I write, where the world is thrown into confusion, as we are robbed of one hours’ sleep only to get it back six months later.  Why do we need less sleep in March and more in October? It is a system which dates back eighty or more years, in fact during the second world war the rearranging of time was increased to two hours.

My thought is the original reason is lost in the progress of time, as I think, originally, it was something to do with farmers having light in the evenings when harvesting – or was it planting – I could be wrong either way.

As the Western World slides deeper into a woke society, where nothing is the same and some people seem to be more worried about comparing the royal tour of the Caribbean with Britain’s Colonial past, and that sums it up, it is ‘past’ and the ‘ifs and buts’ have been thrashed out many times over the years. It hasn’t changed anything because it is not possible, and is nothing to do with living today.

The majority of people get on with their daily lives, happily bringing up a family and in their own world, ignoring events around them, as if it has nothing to do with them. This has allowed small groups to slowly take over, by dominating the populace with their own ideology, changing normal daily happenings to their own disorderly way.

The clamping down on free speech slowly destroys society, where people are frightened to express their view in public. This is achieved with threatening behaviour, making it uncomfortable for a person to express their normal thoughts. Surely that form of behaviour is in itself illegal.

I use as an example the Devon Public House which no longer recognises man and woman in its ‘free gender’ thoughts. As a result they have cancelled the favourite Ploughman’s lunch and now serve a ‘ploughpersons’  version – there is no mention if the ingredients are the same or not. (my ‘spell check’ is saying there is no such thing as a ploughperson!)

The rot and decline has spread to every form of life, especially leadership, not only the universities but in law and order itself, where hospitals change names so there are no longer men and women, giving them strange names instead, as if they are articles of clothing.

A recent report is of a police force in the UK insisting that a ‘trans gender rapist’ is still called a woman, so the body parts of the aggressor do not matter, unless you are a real woman who has been attacked. What sad nonsense.

Looking at a report this morning set me giggling because it is too outlandish to be true, but evidently it is. At the Walton Centre NHS Trust in Liverpool, men are reportedly being asked if they are pregnant before being given radiotherapy – why, because the hospital asks the question even if they are not a woman, as the words ‘female’ and ‘male’ have been replaced with ‘individuals’ for medical procedures.

This is another nonsense – let’s imagine there beside the x-ray machine is standing a broad six foot plus man, stripped down to his hospital gown and a nurse asking the question, I bet she/he or it would be smiling.

Numerous governments have stayed at a distance and allowed this slow burn of society and the twisting of words to happen as if it is not their problem, yet the whole purpose of an administration is to  control events and uphold the normal way of life, thereby not allowing minorities to dominate, or large organisations to create a monopoly, as has happened in the gas industries.

However, it is now refreshing to hear that new laws are being created to return to a situation where free speech will be protected by law, and I understand there will be a raft of other proposals.  My only hope is that the decay has not gone too deep and that the powerful woke groups can be reversed. I understand the government are also looking how laws can be brought in to protect and separate the transgender groups.

Back Pain, it seems to be a result of getting older – I say it seems to be because maybe there is another reason for the suffering.  For some time now I have had the problem which can be crippling, although I refuse to use a walking stick as my thoughts are that walking upright is important, as it  would only create a worse problem being bent over.

After changing the office chair, to little relief, it was a blessing after such a long time to resolve the issue. For the first time since before the pandemic it has not been possible to escape for a few days of rest, and so it was off to the seaside. It was our bed that was the problem, as it is too soft, and while we were away it was quite the opposite and the discomfort vanished. After changing the mattress at home, it is a relief as we once again can walk upright and tall.

And finally …. he Hondon Valley Branch of the Royal British Legion is holding a hog roast  ‘The Big Jubilee Lunch’ to be held at the Tipsy Terrace in Hondon de los Frailes on 4th June at 13.00 hours to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. All are welcome, lucky number tickets for a Jubilee draw 17.50 pp are available from Nigel Hails, email telephone 666957463. Take care… chattey ‘Watchit’ and ‘Watchit Too’ two exciting novels set in the 1950’s available through Amazon.