Four vehicles and nine firemen are traveling to the Ukraine with their vehicles packed with donated material collected by NGOs. They are carrying medicines, food, clothing, toys and basic necessities resulting from donations.

On their return trip they will bring back to Alicante with them 27 people fleeing the Russian offensive.

The volunteer firefighters together with the deputy for Emergencies, Javier Sendra

Javier Sendra, the provincial deputy for Emergencies, explained that this solidarity initiative arose from the firefighters themselves in collaboration with local charities and the Provincial Council of Alicante, as he explained to the local press.

“Now more than ever we must provide whatever help we can to the thousands and thousands of civilians who flee their country every day across borders, or those who remain behind, suffering all kinds of deficiencies” , he added.  The deputy then thanked the firefighters for their solidarity and reiterated the “absolute willingness of the Alicante Provincial Council to help the Ukrainian people in whatever way necessary in the face of this terrible invasion .”

The caravan will travel 3,000 kilometers, non-stop to arrive as soon as possible, and another 3,000 back with civilians fleeing Russia’s offensive in Ukraine. All of the fuel costs and toll charges will also be covered by the fire consortium..