Details of the last special surveillance and control campaign, which for a week focused on vehicles used for the transport of goods and people, were released this week.

The campaign was organised by the RoadPol association at a European level under the name Operation Truck&Bus and developed in Spain by the Directorate General for Traffic.

On this occasion, officers from the Guardia Civil Traffic Group have controlled a total of 19,039 vehicles, of which 5,112 truck drivers and 124 bus drivers were reported for not complying with the precepts of the regulations. In addition, 60 trucks were immobilised for different reasons attributed to the driver or the vehicle and were prevented from continuing on the road for safety reasons.

The number of drivers who were driving with alcohol or other psychotropic substances stands out, when they were required by the agents of the traffic group to carry out the appropriate tests. Specifically, 14 truck drivers were reported for testing positive for alcohol and 44 for other drugs. These data reflect a higher number of positives than in the campaign carried out in February of last year, where the figure was 15 positives for drugs and 9 positives for alcohol. None of the bus drivers who were tested were positive for these substances.

As usual, the most numerous offences (55%) were those caused by excessive driving hours. On this occasion, 2,468 drivers were reported for offences related to driving times (2,442 trucks and 26 buses) and 420 for issues related to the tachograph (398 trucks and 22 buses).

Also important is the number of infractions related to documentation, both of the vehicle and the driver, which means that 1,026 drivers (949 of trucks and 77 of buses) circulated with administrative irregularities, as well as the number of sanctions imposed for infractions related to the Technical Inspection (573).

In addition, 674 truck drivers were reported for excess weight or improper load arrangement and 142 for violations related to seat belts and other devices (131 truck users and 11 bus users).

Regarding speed, 185 drivers were detected driving at speeds higher than those allowed (175 trucks and 10 buses).