Elche town hall has begun delivering the first batch of a fifth waste container, the brown bin, which is intended exclusively for organic waste, and will commence operations on March 1st.

The news was announced by the Councillor for Cleaning, Héctor Díez, who highlighted the importance of this action, one of the new services included in the contract for the street cleaning and solid waste collection service, for his contribution to the conservation of the environment and the good image of neighbourhoods and districts.

In total, some 140 containers are being installed to start serving some 10,000 homes in the El Pla neighbourhood, the first area where the plan will commence, which, according to the councillor, may increase depending on their popularity.

“To date, all the residents of El Pla have received the informative campaign and the awareness tent continues to tour all the public spaces of the neighbourhood (schools, health centres, markets…) and we are convinced that it will to be a service that is very well received by the citizens and that little by little is going to make the entire neighbourhood of El Pla join in”.

“The purpose is to have all those 140 containers installed between now and March 1 with a very clear criterion, near or next to original bins there will be one organic one, bringing together the five containers”, Héctor Díez has detailed.



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