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That Smiling Face

Percy’s Ramblings

That Smiling Face

With the grinning face of a Jack Russell, she looked at us from the other side of the wire, behind the dozen or so other dogs in the pen. She then ran around at the back of them in the small paddock and hid behind one of the kennels. Her little face appeared, and looking at us she gave a little yelp, as if to say come and play. Then she chased around before hiding again, and once more with eyes a glistening she reappeared to give another little yelp.

She was saying she had decided. She had stayed long enough with the others in that pen, liking the look of us, it was about time to leave, and she was making it very clear that was her intention.

With our hearts pounding, we wished we could take them all, but that cheeky little face showering us with love won the day for her. After filling out a few documents this soft brown and black fur coat joined us.

Just over ten years the little lady has been with us now. Hovar, the dog people in the Hondon Valley, told us they knew very little about her previous life, so we never got to know her real age as she had been saved from the wild where she had been wandering around. My guess, as she had been well trained, is that somebody must have dumped her on the side of the road and driven off.

She has been a lovely little friend, great company, as she would jump on the settee and sit between us to enjoy television, Bargain Hunt was her favourite. Other times she would just jump on our lap for a cuddle when least expecting it.

Our little lady did not bark for attention, she trained us. She would sit in front of me and nod her head in the direction of her needs, it took a little while, but I understood eventually.

Then a little while ago there was a necessity to call the vet as our little lady was poorly.

It was heartbreaking to see her slowly declining.

Now, where she used to lie and play, there is just an empty space.

Flag Flying

It is now obvious that the ‘woke’ brigade is well entrenched in Government, why else would there be a rainbow flag, representing the LGBT group, flying over the headquarters of the MI6 building. Surely it should be the Union colours?

It is my view and others, that the world we live in is being changed, and it has been happening for a long time. Many of those who see life differently are now well entrenched in positions of authority. For instance, someone must have authorised teachers to preside over a political lesson requiring their nine years old pupils to write an essay on ‘Partygate’ and the happenings at ten Downing Street. This followed another occasion at a different school, where children as young as four were given lessons on transgender.

It was in the summer of the year two thousand and twenty that I wrote about a movement to change the wording of ‘Rule Britannia’ at the BBC’s ‘Last Night of the Proms.’ After strong pressure it did not happen, and one, well certainly myself, had the feeling that such inappropriate forces were disappearing and common sense would survive.

The departure of these odd groups did not happen, and now, the control of events and free speech is reaching epic proportions.

A Christian doctor, David Mackereth, who had been in practice for 28 years, was sacked from the DWP (Department of Works and Pensions) because when he was asked, – just asked – if he could call a six foot tall transwoman with a beard ‘Madam’ he said he could not, and would refer to them by their biological sex, not their pronoun.

After failing to receive compensation at two enquiries he is now taking his case to the High Court. No doubt, not everyone will agree with me, but I wish him well at the hearing.


The Metropolitan Police Commissioner, for the past two or three years, has had people calling for her P45 – if there is still such a thing. I would think that now she is smiling, no more problems trying to sort the London Police Force out, as with her half a million-pound pension fund and an income from it, she will be making more than the Prime Minister earns.

My wife and I, with an annual state pension of six thousand pounds, would have to live for another twenty five years to match one year of her income. How is it that in the rest of Europe pensioners have an income they can live on?

Most of us are very happy to go away for a weekend and sit on a beach and take in the sun, but then there are a few who can go up in a rocket propelled cabin to see how close they can get to the golden orb circling the world, at a cost which would make Commissioner Dick’s pension look like pocket change.

I refer to Mr Jeff Bezos, he who likes everything big, and has achieved that in the Amazon Conglomerate he has built from scratch.

Whilst he travels around the world visiting all the best places with girlfriend on arm, he is having an enormous yacht built in a wharf near Rotterdam. This vessel has the largest mast – three of them. I know nothing about building boats; however, I would have thought that one would have it  constructed somewhere where you don’t have to dismantle a historic bridge to get it to the sea. This celebrated crossing is to be dismantled, something about which the authorities are not too happy. Just wondering for Bezos, if that is ‘a bridge too far.’ Take care.

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