The Guardia Civil is investigating a 71-year-old resident of Los Montesinos, accused of committing 28 crimes of damage against vehicles.

It is alleged that he acted in the afternoons and taking advantage of the absence of people on public roads, slashed the tires of parked vehicles.

Investigators have been looking at a series of events of similar characteristics since December. Since then, various crimes of damage to the wheels of vehicles parked in the vicinity of a home of a relative of the alleged perpetrator have been occurring. Specifically, 7 complaints have been filed for the commission of 28 minor crimes of damage, which created alarm among residents of the area.

Given the frequency with which the criminal acts occurred, the residents became afraid to park in a section of the avenue in question since all the vehicles that parked there appeared with the wheels on the right side slashed. For this reason, they left 25 metres of parking area unused.

Most of the complainants pointed to the same person, but could not offer conclusive evidence to prove their suspicions. However, as a result of the investigations by the agents of San Miguel de Salinas, it has been possible to determine the alleged authorship and investigate a man for a continued crime of damage. To date, 28 crimes have been clarified, but the extent of what has happened is unknown since not all those affected have filed a complaint and apparently, according to the neighbours, these events date back to 2019.

The officers became aware of a multitude of events of similar characteristics that took place in a section of between 25 and 30 metres of the same avenue. After several inquiries, it was found that the alleged perpetrator used the same modus operandi: taking advantage of the absence of bystanders and carrying a bucket in his hand, where it is believed that he hid the sharp object with which he carried out the criminal acts, he proceeded to damage the front and rear wheels of vehicles parked in the area. All this, right in front of the house of a relative where he spent the afternoons.

The suspect was made available to the Investigating Courts of Torrevieja.