The mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana, met with representatives of CLARO, AVOCA and other Coastal Associations last Monday in order to share the plans that are to be included in the 2022 Municipal Budgets, which are soon to be put before the municipal council. Bascuñana, was accompanied by councillors Víctor Valverde, and José Galiano.

He said how he positively valued this meeting as he thanked all those present for their willingness and interest. He also highlighted “the good reception and gestures of goodwill he has had among the representatives of the associations and groups present, as he shared information, and details of the projects to be included”.

Among the proposals put forward were the Coastal Civic Centre, a library, improvements to parks and roads, expropriations for the work required in respect of the sewage treatment plant, improvements of the maintenance contract for parks and gardens, accessibility works and pavements, among others.

He said that for many weeks, both he and the councillor for the Treasury, Rafael Almagro, have been holding regular meetings with the different municipal groups with the aim of “submitting a budget proposal that includes the projects mentioned and that will obtain the support of the Municipal Corporation”.

The mayor added that he is confident that “in the coming weeks we will be able to finalise the Municipal Budget project and be able to offer the municipality of Orihuela the undertakings  that it needs to continue improving and moving forward”.