• Ex-Calpe resident Tony Slater, 85, set to rock again after star studded show for NHS workers

By Andrew Atkinson EXCLUSIVE

Ex-Calpe resident Tony Slater is set to rock again after putting on a star studded show for NHS workers, in honour of work carried out since the impact of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

“What a tremendous response I have had from the show – I can’t begin to tell you how good it’s been,” Tony told The Leader.

“It was one of those rare nights when everything gels, from the venue, Dave John B, wife Tracy and staff, lighting and sound man – and No. 1 Robbie Williams Tribute act in the world Tony Lewis,” said Tony.

Former proprietor of Calpe Rock, Tony, who invited representatives of the NHS, including doctors, nurses, ambulance, GPs, district nurses and porters to the UK show, said: “The bulk of invitations were for the Front Line Services.

“It was an honour and privilege to arrange a tribute for the benefit of the NHS staff, with £550 raised for Blackpool Carers,” he said.

Tony, 85, who performed in the 60s and 70s, alongside stars, including Dame Shirley Bassey, said: “Some people are even suggesting I do a one man show ‘An Evening with Tony Slater’.

“Before you say it’s a ludicrous idea, it set me thinking. I have repeatedly said that this was my last show.

“But if any organisation wants to raise funds and they will sell the tickets, I will do another.

“All I want from them is that they sell tickets and provide raffle prizes, they can keep all the proceeds, with the exception of funding a great Tribute Act, DJ and sound man.

“I will provide the venue for free, organise a top of the bill DJ and compere and organise the show.

“I will not receive or want any payment whatsoever. Furthermore I will guarantee to sell 100 tickets, more than enough to cover all expenses for the artistes.

“If you or someone you know is interested please let me know.

If we sell 400 tickets at £10 a head (£4,000) plus approximately £500 (raffle), less £800 expenditure; £3,700 net profit will go to charity.”

*Organisations interested in putting on a UK Charity show email: office@theleader.info

Caption: Tony Slater (right) with Robbie Williams Tribute star Tony Lewis at charity show.