A Japanese woman, married to a man with a hereditary disorder that could affect the health of their future children, was determined that she would not be deterred in her quest to have more offspring.

As such, she decided to search social networks in order to find an “ideal” candidate to conceive her second child.

In July 2019, her search paid off: she found a wealthy single Japanese man who had studied at the elite Kyoto University. She slept with him ten times until she managed to get pregnant, since “in Japan there is no public or legal system for sperm donation,” the woman’s lawyer said at a press conference last week.

But why, you might ask, does she have a lawyer, and why is he appearing before the media?

Well, it seems that the man was not quite what he said!  He had lied about his identity, he was not wealthy, he was not even Japanese, but Chinese. He was also married, and he never went to university.

When she eventually found out the truth, and since it was too late to abort, she has decided to give the child up for adoption.

According to her lawyer, she has experienced “sleep disorders” and the delivery of the child for adoption has earned her a barrage of criticism which she finds extremely distressing.

The story was broken by the Japanese news outlet Tokyo Shinbun, which said the Japanese woman, who is 30 years old and lives in Tokyo, has now filed a lawsuit for “emotional anguish” for 2.86 million dollars against the impostor.