In view of the current covid-19 situation, the councillor for Beaches, Antonio Sánchez, has confirmed that all Orihuela Costa beaches will be closed on Christmas Day to avoid the holding of large concentrations and mass events taking place.

“Given the situation in which we find ourselves due to the pandemic and with the number of positive cases on the rise, we must exercise extreme precautions to avoid any situations that might have damaging effects,” said the councillor, who acknowledged that he is very sorry that this type of decision has to be taken, but that “responsibility is required at this time.”

La Zenia Beach, the likely scene on Christmas Day

Orihuela Costa Beaches, particularly the beach at La Zenia, would usually be expected to host large scale parties on Christmas day, often attracting many thousands of revellers, who attend from early morning, setting up tables, chairs and bbq facilities, as they celebrate the feast day with family and friends.

In recent years the events have been supported with entertainment provided by the Orihuela Ayuntamiento and the local Police who help to provide a safe environment for those attending.

The decision was adopted after a meeting chaired by Mayor Emilio Bascuñana and attended by councillors from different areas of the local government and will mean that the Christmas Day gathering largely frequented by the British population at La Zenia will have to be cancelled for the second consecutive year.