Life can be a risky business and that’s why people are always trying to keep themselves safe in one way or another. When it comes to health matters, the Coronavirus is a major example.

Another common health concern relates to being protected from mosquitoes and their bites. They can be a big problem for people living in certain parts of the world. If they are something that’s worrying you and your family, read on because this article will tell you some of the things you can do to protect yourselves.

What’s The Problem?

Mosquitoes are small, midge-like flies that can be found throughout the world. The mosquitoes in certain parts of Africa carry Malaria which kills hundreds of thousands of people every year. There are roughly 3500 species of mosquitoes with about 175 million to 350 million individuals alive at any given time, depending on the season and location. Mosquito eggs take around five days to hatch but once they’re adults mosquitoes live for just two weeks or less.

Mosquitoes are the carriers of many diseases, including the West Nile Virus. This is a situation where an infected mosquito bites you and then transmits it to you through its saliva.

Use Insect Repellant

This is a very important part of keeping your family safe from mosquitoes. Studies have shown that Deet works extremely well at warding off pests, but it can damage certain materials and should not be used on infants under six months old. Picardin has been found to work well for children up to two years old and insect repellants containing Picardin are available without a prescription.

One study by an American university showed that this chemical was as effective as Deet when tested against several different species of mosquito. Besides ensuring your repellant is safe for both your children and pets, you should also use mosquito coils or other types of bug zappers around the house to kill any pests that get inside.

Not everyone will be comfortable using the harmful chemicals contained in such products as Deet. It’s actually possible to achieve organic mosquito control and there are companies that can help both homeowners and businesses in this respect. By accessing specialist websites you can learn what are natural mosquito repellants and read about their ingredients, treatment areas and applications. It can be reassuring to discover that they are not harmful to babies, dogs, cats or bees.

Dress Appropriately

If you want to prevent mosquito bites, wearing suitable clothing is a great way to do so. Wearing long sleeves and pants will keep your skin covered up and protect you from the mosquitoes that are trying to bite into it. It will help if you wear clothing with some sort of repellent on it as well.

The more exposed areas like your ankles or neck may be better suited by wearing clothing that has been treated with an insecticide such as Permethrin. This can protect those more sensitive parts against nasty bug bites.

Stay Indoors

Do this as much as possible, especially during peak mosquito hours (dusk to dawn). Bring pets in before sundown, especially if they have thin coats. It’s wise to install a mosquito trap near your home for effective protection. Be sure to also install screens on your windows, doors and vents to keep the mosquitoes out, especially if you live in a humid climate.

Keep your windows shut during the evening hours and keep those screens repaired so the windows can stay tightly closed. Mosquitoes can fit through cracks of about an eighth of an inch, so this isn’t an area to ignore.

Clean Up Your Environment

The most effective way to keep mosquitoes from your yard is to eliminate their eggs. Mosquitoes lay eggs in any type of stagnant water, including containers as small as a bottle cap or even a birdbath if it’s not being used during the summer months. Adult mosquitoes don’t fly far from where they are born, so you’ll want to take care of anything that could hold even a tiny drop of water near your property.

For this reason, you should clean up any standing water near your home, yard or garden. Be aware that things like flower pots, pet bowls, vases, gutters or old tires can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Keep your lawn well-maintained and free of standing water too.

Clean up any food or trash outside (especially near your doorways) to discourage mosquitoes from gathering there. Put a screen on your porch to keep mosquitoes out. Get rid of any mosquito-friendly plants like ivy, bromeliads, lilies, or ferns because they provide a perfect breeding ground. Even something as simple as chasing away some leaves on the ground can reveal an area where mosquitoes are currently breeding.

Use Candles And Fans

Burn candles made with citronella, lemongrass or eucalyptus to help keep the mosquitoes away. Light candles outside around your backyard before the sun goes down to avoid them coming out too early and ruining your outdoor time together.

Keeping a fan on will create enough of a breeze that it can confuse mosquitoes. They will be less likely to know where you are so they won’t land on you as often. If you are using this method, don’t sit right next to the fan because it would be blowing in your direction, thus attracting the mosquitoes to you.

Use Skin Softeners And Soaps With Citronella

Keep away from deodorant or soap scents such as those used after working out. This will help keep the bugs off your skin while also allowing your body’s natural scent to not be hidden by the perfume. The mosquitoes should be turned off from biting you because your natural scent won’t appeal to them.

If you are wise and apply as many of these tips as possible, you will be giving both your and your family the best protection from harm. Thanks to some amendments to your home and garden and an assortment of different products, you should be able to deter these unwelcome guests from causing harm.