The Generalitat is insisting that the Government raise the level of the N-332 between Guardamar del Segura and San Fulgencio to avoid flooding. The proposal calls for the road to be raised by 2 meters to suppress the barrier effect that flooded the left bank of the Rio Segura two years ago, during DANA

The initiative is aimed at the section between the battery factory (Guardamar) and the roundabout to the commercial area of ​​San Fulgencio.

The regional administration say that it is a priority project because during the DANA, in September 2019, the road created a barrier effect that kept thousands of cultivated hectares under water as well some parts of the urban areas, San Fulgencio, Daya Vieja and Daya Nueva, as far as Dolores. This situation also occurred 34 years ago in the flood of 1987.

Generalitat wants N322 raised by 2 metres in Guardamar

In September 2019, the water flowed over the road for more than a week, although it had to be kept open to traffic because the internal communications of the region were already decimated due to the impact of the weather. The situation only improved when the CHS opened a floodgate to evacuate the waters of the old Segura channel.

The Generalitat say that the elevation of the road must be carried out as a matter of urgency, because the works being carried out along the green corridors, that will redistribute the Segura, converge at this point, with an estimated flow volume of around a hundred cubic hectometres, which is five times more than it received during DANA.

The stretch of the N332 in question is used by a daily average of 24,000 vehicles


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