Orihuela City Council and it’s Environmental partners are carrying out conservation work aimed at  recovering the sand dune ecosystems of the Orihuela coast.

The strong tourist impact to which the Mediterranean coast has been subjected in recent years has led to the deterioration and, in some places, the disappearance of ecosystems of great ecological value, including many of the coastal dunes. “The importance of them lies in the protection they give to the coast against landscapes of enormous ecological value, together with the wealth of exclusive fauna and vegetation that they contain.

Cala Bosque and La Glea beach are the only reserves on the Oriolano coastline where dune ecosystems are conserved ”, said Dámaso Aparicio, Councillor for the Environment.

The work in Cala Bosque will be carried out by the Territorial Coastal Service at an approximate cost of 47,000 euros while the Department of the Environment will be in charge of the conservation work at La Glea Beach which will cost around 4,000 euros.