• Quote: ‘I have seen many festive spaces in which it seems that the Covid pandemic does not exist – but it does exist’ –  President of the Generalitat Ximo Puig

By Andrew Atkinson

The President of the Valencian Generalitat Ximo Puig has warned to remain cautious amid 500 new cases of coronavirus during the Festive period.

“The virus continues to be here, we must remain cautious. I have seen many festive spaces in which it seems that the pandemic does not exist – but it does exist”, said Puig in statement to the Media during the presentation of the first phase of expansion of the Hospital Clínico de Valencia.  “Although we have the great vaccination shield, there are 10% of people who have not yet been vaccinated, and there are people who are at high risk,” said Puig.

“Most of the deaths in recent weeks have occurred in non-immunized people.

“It is for them, for their families and for the whole of society.  It is an exercise in basic solidarity,” added Puig.

“Covid, despite the improvement in the accumulated incidence data, infected and hospitalised, cannot be considered overcome.

“The pandemic cannot be considered over, we have overcome the worst phase of the pandemic – that is why we are in that improved normality – which means that we have to attend to the lessons of the covid in all aspects.

“The pandemic is definitely not over – so the safety factor is key,” said President of the Generalitat Puig.

The Generalitat Valenciana is studying the adaptation of the protocol of anti-Covid security measures in educational centres to soon eliminate the obligation to wear a mask in the open spaces of these enclosures said the Minister of Education, Vicent Marzà.

“It is an issue that is being worked on by the Ministry of Health in contact with the Education Department. Always guaranteeing security, progress will be made,” said Puig.